Love is…

  • Love is as busy as a bee? haha!
  • Love is as mysterious as death.
  • Love is as magical as fairytales (haha, yuck.)
  • Love is as martyr as a hero.
  • Love is as crazy as life. (labo, haha).
  • ???
  • Love is as cold as steel!
  • Love is as simple as 1,2,3. Naks! (Pero parang hindi naman! hahaha!)
  • Love is as unfathomable as the universe. Weh :))
  • Love is as hard as math.
  • Love is as sweet as hany.
  • Love is inevitable as death.
  • Love is as bitter as coffee and as sweet as honey.
  • Love is as complicated as Math.
  • Love is as crazy as Sisa (may masabi lang).
  • Love is as lovely as a tree. haha 😀
  • Love is as cheesy as keso.
  • Love is as difficult as a math problem.
  • Love is as complicated as a rubik’s cube.
  • Love is as hard as math subjects in UPD.

A Little Secret

A Little Secret

Hey, do you have some time? I know a little secret and I want to share it with you. Do you know the greatest story in the world? I’ll tell you about it and let you in this secret, but you have to promise that you’ll keep this between us.

The story that I am going to tell you is about the little boy who was able to change the world because of his simple act.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy living in a small town. He lives with his mother and his little sister. One day, he was asked by his mother to go pick some berries near the forest. On the way there, he met a strange old man carrying a mysterious sack of golden berries. He was intrigued with the mysterious sack the old man was carrying. He approached the old man and asked him what was inside the sack. The old man replied, “Something that you have never seen before!” The little boy was more intrigued and asked the old man if he could see it. The old man said, “Only if you promise to keep quiet about it.” The boy immediately agreed and tugged on the mysterious sack. The old man told him to be patient, that they need to go somewhere far from prying eyes before he could see it. After 5 hours of traversing the forest, they finally reached the top of the mountain. Gasping for air, the boy asked “Can I see it now?” The old man replied, “Not until we cross 7 more mountains.” The boy has more upcoming difficulties he must now face. After reaching the sixth mountain, tired and hungry, the boy said “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! Come on, just show me what’s inside the darn sack!” to which the old man replied, “Child, you have been very impatient throughout our journey. You are not worthy to see what mystery there is in my sack. You see, patience is important in pursuing what you want, and not everything lies within your reach, you may be required to work hard.” After that the little boy fainted and fell to the ground. Upon waking up, he was back in the part of the forest where he was picking berries. He wondered if everything was just a dream. But still, he was really disappointed of not finding out what was inside the sack. He grew weary. Then when he himself was old and grey, he figured out something about the day he saw the old man in the forest. Though he didn’t see what’s inside the sack, he did learn about something more valuable – a life lesson, and the mysterious old man did in fact let him in a secret and all he needed to do was to figure it out. You see, I was the little boy in the forest picking berries; I was the one who encountered the mysterious old man. And now that you know about my story, share this to others, or maybe you should think about your own story that you can tell someone else in hopes of helping them realize things and learn valuable life lessons that could make them better people.

-by Hiromi Urabe, Rina, Jazrie, Jan, Pb, and Jang

Si Nene at Budoy

Sa isang malayong baryo, makikila si Nene na mabait at pala tawa na bata. Kilala siya ng lahat ng kanyang kapitbahay, kabaryo, pati sa kalapit nilang baryo ay kilala siya. Malakas kasing tumawa si Nene.

Si Nene ay mahilig sa kamote, at ang tatay niya ay mahilig magtanim nito. Sa sobrang maibigin niya sa kamote ay naging malusog siya. Si Budoy ay matalik na kaibigan ni Nene, at si Budoy ay mahilig sa okra. Si Kanor ay ang kapatid ni Budoy na mahilig sa ubas na hinog.

Nagalit si Budoy dahil kinain ni Nene ang mga pinitas niyang ubas. Dahil gustong gumanti, kumuha si Budoy ng mga kamoteng isinawsaw sa toyo. Akala ni Budoy hindi magugustuhan ni Nene ang kamoteng isinawsaw sa toyo, ngunit nagkamali sya. Isinabaw pa ni Nene ang toyo sa kamote sa sobrang pagkagusto nya dito at nahulog ang loob nya kay Budoy. Natakot si Budoy kay Nene at tumalon ito sa mataas na building.

Natakot si Nene dahil baka masaktan si Budoy. Pero pagsilip niya sa ibaba, hayon at nakalilipad pala si Budoy!

Sinigawan ni Nene si Budoy, “Budoy! Isama mo naman ako sa iyong paglipad!” Ngunit galit pa noon si Budoy kay Nene, kaya hindi niya iyon pinansin. Nalungkot si Nene sa nangyari.

Si Budoy ay naghanap nang ibang kaibigan, nahanap niya ito sa katauhan ni Gabriela Silang. Nagkakilala sila sa Gapan, Nueva Ecija. Sinama ni budoy si gabriela sa paglipad, pumunta sila sa Zimbabwe at Trinidad and Tobago.

Noon lamang nakita ng mga kabaryo nilang malungkot si Nene, iniwan na siya ng kanyang matalik na kaibigan na si Budoy. Wala ni isang nakapagpatawang muli kay Nene.

Nakita ni Kanor na malungkot si Nene, kinausap niya ito upang pagaanin ang kanyang kalooban.

“Nene, anung nangyari sa’yo? Huwag mo ng pansinin iyong si Kuya Budoy. Andito naman ako.”

Nagsimula ng maging malapit sa isa’t isa si Kanor at Nene, bumalik na ang sigla at tawa ni Nene. Masaya na rin ang kanilang mga kabaryo.

Bumalik si Budoy kasama si Gabriela. Hindi nagustuhan ni Nene ang pagbabalik na iyon ng dating kaibigan, hindi niya pinansin si Budoy, kahit anong pilit nitong makipag-ayos sa kanya.

Ipinagtapat ni Kanor na nawawalang kapatid nila si Gabriela at hindi niya kailangang magtampo kay Budoy na iniwanan siya noon, dahil inutusan lang sila ng kanilang ama na bumili ng pagkain sa Zimbabwe at Trinidad and Tobago.

Humingi ng tawad si Nene kay Budoy at sila ay naging matalik na magkaibigan sa mahabang panahon. 🙂


Chermaine delos Reyes

Charmaine Go

Raymond Salvador

Jose Rivera

Gian Carlo Ramos

What is a Santa Clause?

When Amie turned 5 years old, she became very curious about Santa Clause. She wondered who Santa Clause is and how does he see everyone while they’re sleeping. She never asked where her Christmas gifts come from. There was one time when she asked her mother about it, and all her mother said was that Santa Claus makes gifts for good boys and girls and drops it down the chimney every Christmas Eve.

When she asked the same question to her father, he said Santa Claus rides a flying sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. And one of them was named Rudolph. Her father also said that elves make the gifts and puts them into Santa’s big red sack bag.

Then she asked her brother about Santa Clause and all he could say was, SANTA ISN’T REAL! Amie protested and said “How did you know?” Her brother said “ I, too, once believed he was real, but he isn’t! He is just a big fat lie! Santa Clause never exist! The gifts are only from our parents!”

Amie became more confused with what her brother said, so she decided to to ask everybody about it- including her neighbors, classmates, and relatives. She became more upset knowing that Santa Clause might not exist. “Everyone has a different story about Santa Clause, Some don’t believe in him. Is he even real?” Amie asked herself. So at the night of Christmas Eve, when everyone’s asleep, she patiently waited for Santa to come. She waited, and waited, and waited until… she heard little footsteps going into her room. She peeked through the corners and saw… her brother leaving presents for her. She waited for him to leave but a few more footsteps were heard. She waited again and found out that her parents are leaving presents for her too. And with that, Amie was already able to sleep soundly.

Before she closed her eyes she said to herself, “Thank you Santa for making my family love me so much and give me gifts for Christmas every year. It must be very hard for you to keep reminding everyone to be nice. That’s probably why you have to talk to everyone while they’re asleep”

Created by: Jazrie, Rina, Hiromi, PB, Jang, Jaime, John of Educ 190 WF 1-4:30 class

Si Jessica at ang kaibigang Duwende.

Si Jessica ay isa nang ulila. Nakatira siya sa kanyang tiyahin kasama ang kanyang nakababatang kapatid na si Dondon. Si Jessica ay 13 taon gulang at si Dondon ay 9 taon gulang. Mahilig si Jessica maglaro ng Barbie dolls at bahay-bahayan na kung minsa’y si Dondon ay nakikisali.. isang araw ay bigla na lang naging masunget ang kanilang tiyahin sakanila, masyado na silang minamaltrato nito dahil pabigat lang daw si jessica at dondon sa bahay ng kanilang tiyahin.. isang gabi habang lumabas si jessica sa bahay ng kaniyang tiyahin ay may nakilalang mahiwagang dwende. Ang dwende na eto ay masayahin at matulungin. Lumipas ang mga ilang araw at palagi silang naglalaro. Pero nung isang araw, ang tagal dumating ng duwende. Hinihintay siya ni Jessica habang naglalaro, pero hindi nagpakita ang duwende. Kaya umiyak siya at bumalik sa kanilang bahay. Kanina pa pala siya hinahanap ng galit na galit na tiyahin.  “Asan yang kapatid mong si Dondon??,” sambit ng tiyahin pagkapasok ni Jessica ng bahay. “Hindi ko po alam tiyang.” sagot ni Jessica. “hanapin mo yang kapatid mo, maglinis kayo dito sa bahay hindi yung puro laro sa labas.” Utos ng kanyang tiyahin. Kaya lumabas si Jessica upang hanapin si Dondon. Habang hinahanap ang kapatid, nakitang muli ni Jessica ang kaibigang duwende. Tuwang tuwa ito at sinabi na hinahanap niya si Dondon, kaya agad naman siyang tinulungan nito. Dahil sa mahiwaga ang duwende, nalaman nito ang kinaroroonan ni Dondon. Ito pala ay kasalukuyang nakikinood sa may tindahan.

Kaya pinuntuhan nila ito. Pagkakita kay Dondon ay nakaupo sa may tabi ng tindahan habang nanunuod. Niyaya na ito ni Jessica na umuwi ngunit ayaw pa ni dondon. Ayaw na nitong umuwi. Narinig ito ng duwende at niyaya sila na manirahan na lang sa punso nito.

“Doon na lang kayo sa punso namin. Mababait ang mga duwende doon at lagi pang masaya.” dagdag ng duwende.

“Talaga bang masaya dun?” tanong ni Dondon.

“oo naman, dahil sa mahiwaga kami, nagagawa namin ang amin naisin.” sagot ng duwende.

“Tara doon na lang tayo ate, hindi tayo mahahanap ni tiya doon.” pakiusap ni dondon kay Jessica. Dahil sa kagustuhan ng kapatid, pumayag na lang si Jessica at agad na pumunta sa punso. At doon ay masaya nang namumuhay ang magkapatid. =)

Leoneriz Mira Jose


Bong Legacy

(co-writers: Chermaine Delos Reyes, Charmaine Anneth Go, Jose Rivera, and Raymund Martin Salvador)

Bong went to the mall to buy a pair of slippers. His previous pair broke while he was walking down Katipunan Street. He asked the sales clerk for the best pair available. While waiting for the sales clerk, Bong saw Penelope. He asked Penelope out to play.

Penelope disagreed. “It is not safe for you to run around outside without footwear!” but Bong was eager to play with Penelope, he said “It is okay! I can manage playing without footwear, if it means playing with you.”

Penelope blushed, but still said no. I won’t play with you unless

Bong died that fateful day, after playing with Penelope. The dengue virus killed bong. Penelope was so sad that she ate ampalaya and luya the whole month. She was very healthy after bong died.

Miraculously, Bong came back to life because Penelope was able to find the 7 magical Dragonballs which summoned the magical dragon. They went to Rodic’s right away because Bong was so hungry from running on the dragon road.

However, a wicked witch appeared while they were eating and she attempted to kill Bong. Penelope transformed into a tikbalang, her true form, and she defeated the wicked witch. Bong accepted Penelope for who she was and they went to prom as dates. Prom night was magical and the night ended with bong wandering along the riverbanks with his high school sweetheart. Years later, Bong got a degree in veterinary medicine and decided to put up a zoo in Antipolo with Penelope constantly by his side.

And they lived happily ever after.

What the Magical Well Takes

By Charmaine Anneth Go

(Contributors: Chermaine Delos Reyes, Giancarlo Ramos, Jose Rivera, and Raymund Martin Salvador)

Once upon a time, there was a well in the middle of a forest. It was surrounded by tall green grass and thousands of pretty wildflowers. Pollen and bees looking for nectar flew along with the rush of wind. It was a forest that was full of life where each creature lives in friendship. However, they fear the King Lion.

King Lion was the king of the forest. He was kind at heart but was feared by all. The King Lion is rumored to have punished hundreds of trespassers – trespassers who dare go near the magical well. And so, each mother holds on tight to their playful children; everyone cowers when the King Lion passes.

In a swamp far away from the forest, Goku was raised by a frog couple. What’s so special about Goku? He bears a star mark on his forehead, the birthmark of King Lion’s cub – the cub who got lost when he was just little.

When his frog father fell ill, Goku seeked for the help of Doctor Baboon. Doc Baboon then gave him an old map that leads the way to a magical healing well. Upon receiving the map, Goku decided to embark on a journey to look for the magical well. He has to gather enough water for the terribly ill frog.

Unfortunately, Goku the little cub has to meet a challenge first. Before the magical well bears water, it needs to be fed seven dragon balls as key.

After years of searching, Goku, now a full-grown lion, was able to collect all dragon balls and managed to find the magical well not long after.

Upon throwing all balls down the well, there was a huge explosion that scattered all dragon balls across oceans and seas. After which, a dragon spirit emerged, blazing in fire. The forest was startled upon seeing the dragon spirit, but they rejoiced, for they knew that only the missing son of the King Lion can awake the dragon spirit.

The King Lion rushed to the well and pounced on Goku! As the whole forest stood by and watched the scene, the King Lion, angered, roared and roared. But then, seeing the star on the younger lion’s forehead, King Lion was taken aback.

Why are you here? You should not be here! I left you to those frogs to save your life. You shouldn’t have come!”

It turned out that the King Lion purposely left Goku with the frog couple in order to save his son’s life. He has to keep Goku as far away as possible from the magical well that entraps the evil power-coveting Dragon – the well that only Goku could open. The truth is…the healing water does not exist. Goku was deceived by Doctor Baboon, a subordinate of the Dragon spirit.

Roooaaaaarrr!” The King Lion was attacked by the evil dragon and now lay helpless beside Goku. The King Lion sacrificed his life. He protected Goku from the Dragon’s fatal bite, and in doing so, gave his own blood, a loving parent’s blood, the only poison that could weaken and entrap the evil dragon in the well once again.

Goku wept for the loss of both his father the Lion and his father the Frog, but this, he vowed, will not be the end. He took the King Lion’s position and vowed to keep the magical well hidden from little children whom their parents love so much.